So today I am launching my newest book “Awaken The Warrior Within: How To Take Back Control Of Your Life, Double Your Confidence And Get Everything You Want Out Of Life”.     This is the second book I have written, both are aimed at sharing what I learned when I lost my health, suffered a personal tragedy and suffered massive depression…and how I got back up on my feet to feel more alive than ever!

I have found that the very act of writing a book helped me crush my depression and feel alive again!

It is funny the things that came from writing these books.

  1. It has been a healing journey for me.  I have had to sift through my memories…even the darkest ones like when we lost our daughter.  It has caused me some sadness, it has caused me to think…but it has also helped me come to terms with those things.  I had buried them so deep, and by uncovering them, talking about them, and sharing them with others it has been a great healing aid.
  2. I have met other authors, each who had their own story to tell…something important to them.  And it has broadened my horizons, and in some cases re-established relationships with people I had not seen for years.
  3. I have been told that the act of getting the book out into the universe, or completing a project that so many say they want to do…but don’t do…has inspired and motivated a number of people to finally get the book in their heart finished!  This had been surprising, but also very rewarding.
  4. It struck something off my bucket list (VERY Empowering feeling!).
  5. I have learned so much, about things I would never have looked into if I hadn’t written a book.  Like how Amazon works, how kindle works, how to hire editors abroad, just things that broadened my knowledge base that I likely never would have had the chance to learn otherwise.
  6. My daughter, has now completed her own book…that was 2 years in the making.  It is an amazing book.  I didn’t realize just how talented she was.  I like to think that her watching me finish my books had a hand in giving her the confidence to hers.  That makes me feel not only proud of her, but happy that I may have had something to do with it.
  7. And today I have been posting on facebook that I am launching my book tonight, I shot a little video for it, I created an event for it.  And it has been so cool! Scary!  Exciting!  People have been sharing my post, and congratulating me, and encouraging me.  And it really drove home that amazing things will only happen when you step outside of your own comfort zone and dare to dream a bit…dare to put yourself out there.  Very cool!

My Message To You:

If you are feeling down, blue, unmotivated, sad, wondering what the purpose of your life is, depressed…I would strongly urge you to write a book! You don’t ever have to publish it if you don’t want to.  Just do it for yourself!! Pick a subject that is close to your heart.  If you write about problems you are having, you may surprised to find out how many others are having the same issues…and maybe you can be the person to help inspire them to change their lives…and you change your life in the process!

Don’t let fear stop you!  Don’t be afraid.  Just pick up a pen, or sit down at your computer and start emptying your mind and heart.  It can be very cleansing, very empowering.  What if this could reignite your passion in life?  What if this helped connect you to your purpose in life?

My name is Tony Wolfe. I am a published author.  How cool is that?!!