I have had my challenges in life for sure, but by overcoming them I gave myself a chance to reset my life!  In fact, over the last 20 years my life has been getting better and better.  And now, I can say that I absolutely LOVE my life.  In this post I want to show you how you can love your life by doing what you love in life!

One of the biggest secrets that I have discovered to health and happiness is how important it is to follow your passion and purpose in life.   When you do incorporate these important concepts fully into your life then all of a sudden your world will open up…opportunities, events and people, that you had not even dreamed of before will show up in your life!  Yes … you can love your life by doing what you love in life!

18 months ago, something happened at the company I worked with that threw an unexpected curveball at me.  At first I didn’t realize what happened.  Then it was quickly followed by shock. Then anger.  And then something funny happened … I was overcome with a sense of excitement because I know that when something big happens in life, it is usually just clearing out a part of your life so that something better can come along; and I was super excited to know what was coming because it must be big.

It was at that moment in time that I decided to leave the financial industry for good, and go back to school so that I could follow my heart … to help heal people!  Now don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all cookies and cream … I gave up a substantial income, I am in a pretty intense program at school, and it tires out my brain some nights … but I can say that right now I am probably happier than I have ever been in my life!  I unequivocally love my life.

Why?  Because I now do what I love in life!

Love YOUR Life By Doing What YOU Love In Life

About 2 months ago I made the decision it was time to reopen a healing space where I could do energy treatments on people (Reiki and Qigong). Energy work saved my life, it healed me … and I have helped so many people with energy and had so much great feedback that I glow with happiness when I do energy sessions on people.

It was SCARY.  I was fully announcing to family and friends that I no longer was in the financial world…but I was going to something called energy healing.  I knew some people would embrace and support me, but I also knew some people would not understand and think I was a bit of a quack.  But I knew I had to do it.

I was pursuing my dream.  I was going for it, with no intention of turning back…and the amazing thing is that the moment I made that decision, simply the act of making the decision and announcing it to the universe…my life changed!!  People started contacting me.  Opportunities started materializing out of thin air.  By simply doing what I love in life, my life has opened up and gone to a new level.  Even activities that were not directly connected to energy work started manifesting amazing results.

My message to you is a simple one.  It is ok to love your life.  It is ok to do what you love in life.  The biggest step you have to take, is to make the decision to do it and share that decision with the universe. (check out my book Awaken The Warrior Within for tips on identifying your passion and purpose in life)

Last Sunday I was seeing a woman with amazing sparkly and light energy for a session.  She apologized for “dragging” me in to “work” at 9am on a Sunday morning.  I replied, with complete honesty, that I woke up that morning, feeling energized and as I stepped into my treatment room I was overcome with the realization that there was no where in the world that I would rather be than in that room working with that person.  Wow!  It was so powerful.  I was filled with gratitude.

Never forget this simple message.  Love YOUR Life By Doing What YOU Love In Life.

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Peace, Health and Happiness,
Tony Wolfe – AAOOOWWWW!