Give Yourself More Love

The past 2 years, I have been meeting with clients who come into clinic for Energy and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. One of the most surprising things I have observed is that whatever is ailing people, the main reason (root) of the problem can be boiled to down to just a few main things. The overwhelming #1 reason I have found for people’s ills is emotion … emotion that have been allowed to build up inside their body and become toxic energy.

And of those emotions, lately one of the most common is anger/disappointment/frustration towards one’s self. Most people don’t realize it at the time but their negative emotions towards themselves can cause a variety of physical and mental/emotional problems for them.

Give Yourself More Love

Ultimately one of the main solutions I can give them moving forward is very simple, I tell them “You need to give yourself more love”
There is a natural life force energy that moves throughout our body and aura called Qi. When we are feeling good, our Qi is moving freely though our body, vibrant, alive and balanced. However when our Qi stagnates, it causes not only emotional issues but also physical ones. Many things can cause your Qi to stagnate (including diet, stress, trauma ect)…but emotions are a major reason.

We Hold Impossibly High Expectations Of Ourselves

The world is moving at a quicker pace than it ever has before. People have to raise families (including driving kids around to swimming lessons, piano lessons, hockey games ect), work (sometimes 2 or 3 jobs) – and there are more and more 1 parent families (which seems really challenging to keep up with it all), are constantly bombarded with real time news streams, keep up a “presence” on social media, somehow find time to exercise, prepare healthy meals, help out in the community and so on. It is impossible for anyone to do ALL of these things well…it is impossible for anyone to be the “perfect version” of themselves that they see illuminated in their mind.

Let’s say you do something that falls below your perfect version of yourself (maybe you don’t cook enough healthy meals for your family, you don’t exercise as much as you thing you should, your job doesn’t provide the ideal income you would like, you have to work extra hours to pay the mortgage and can’t spend as much time as you would like with your kids … whatever it is that you don’t feel you are doing as well as the IDEAL you should), you get disappointed with yourself or frustrated or angry!

This negative emotion that you express towards yourself actually takes you into a downward spiral. This emotion gets trapped inside your body, and starts to clog up your energy…and so you start to feel down, sluggish, depressed or even really irritable and easily fly off the handle! Then this new negative energy clogs up your body more and more until your whole energetic body can become stagnant. Imagine a beautiful river running through the countryside. A new factory opens up and starts dumping pollution, and chemicals and old rubber tires into the river until it stops flowing. Eventually it will start to stagnate, to smell rotten, to grow ugly scum…this is what happens to our bodies when our energy stops moving! This can cause things anywhere from depression, to heart palpitations, to sore stomachs and constipation, to agonizingly sore and stiff shoulders and neck. To get the river moving again we have to detoxify it, remove all the pollution and let the water flow again. The same is true for our bodies. In this case the negative and toxic emotions are the thing we need to remove from our bodies to get our energy flowing again.

How Can We Get Our Energy Flowing Better?

There are so many things we can do to get our energy flowing and feeling great including: You can eat healthier food; You can exercise/move your body – and move your Qi; Smile; Listen to awesome music; Dance; Do activities you enjoy; Have a Reiki session done; Do Qi building movements like Qigong; Plus many more things including giving yourself more love!

And For Sure You Need To Give Yourself More Love

  • Give yourself a break!
  • Acknowledge that are not, and cannot be perfect – ever!
  • Go though your daily schedule and see if you can simplify things a bit (ie. Can you get another family from your daughter’s dance class to take turns car pooling?)
  • Specifically schedule QUALITY time with loved ones –  we may feel guilty if we are unable to spend “enough” time with our loved ones…but what if you made the time you did have with them QUALITY time?  Instead of just being together while one person watches TV and the other does something else, what if you made a conscious effort to really be together in your precious time together?
  • Accept yourself for who you are.   You are a good person.  You do good things.  You give a lot.  But we all have some parts of ourselves that are not perfect (and likely never will be).   Sure you can “work” on that part of yourself…but don’t expect to change over night
  • Celebrate your accomplishments!  At the end of every day write down all the things you are proud of … celebrate your accomplishments.

Learn To Accept Love

Most importantly, the thing I believe people can do for themselves is to “allow themselves to accept love”. Too often people get so angry/disappointed in themselves that they shut others out, they begin to believe that they are “not worthy” of love from others. They have to punish themselves for “failing”. But there is nothing further from the truth. We all need to open up ourselves and allow ourselves to let love permeate into our souls! Love is healing. Love is opening. Love is moving. LOVE will dissolve your Qi stagnations and allow your inner life force to move freely and joyously.

And remember…when your Qi is flowing freely…you feel better, you function better, you appreciate life more, you love more and are open to more love.
To take care of others we need to take care of ourselves.

So I encourage you, I encourage all of us, to give ourselves more love. You may find this one small act allows yourself and your life to transform!!!

Tony Wolfe –

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