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Tony Wolfe

20 years ago Tony lost his health, suffered a personal tragedy, battled depression, lost his passion, wondered what his purpose in life was anymore, and felt like he had lost the person he used to be.

He went on 20 year journey to bring himself “back to life” again, investing tens of thousands of dollars, two decades, and much blood, sweat and tears. This site, his book and his programs are the results of his successful journey to regain all that he thought he has lost forever. It is a labour of love, and a celebration of spirit and power! He found that his purpose in life is to help people, and specifically help people rejuvenate themselves, feel alive again, conquer their depression, love themselves, be happy, and take control of their lives again!  Let Tony “Warrior” Wolfe save you the 20 year learning curve he had to go through … so that you don’t have to go through it.

Tony is happily married with an amazing family, is a published author, an entrepreneur, a speaker, has gone back to school to study the wonders of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), is a Reiki Master … and is enjoying life! His animal spirit is the Wolf and the Wolf has permeated his life in many ways…including his love for howling!

Peace, Health and Happiness!